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miniCASTER®: FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
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What is miniCASTER®?
miniCASTER® is a live H.264 encoder and a recorder in one box, li-ion battery powered with a USB interface and an ethernet interface to connect to the internet via LAN directly (or over a 3G router or satellite terminal). It converts an audio/video signal into an IP stream in realtime. You upgrade your camera into a live source by using the worldwide internet.

Which ingest signals does the miniCASTER® accept ?
There are three models: analog for Composite and S-Video signals. A HDMI® and a SDI model. 


How can I get a demo?
Please contact us by phone our through our contact form ( to request a test-rail for the product.

Where can I get a miniCASTER®?
Please contact us by phone our through our contact form ( to ask about buying the product. 



How fast can I get my miniCASTER®?
Please contact us by phone our through our contact form ( to ask about shipments.



What is the delay?
The delay of the miniCASTER® is appr. 120 milliseconds. You need to add some time for the delay of your network and the playback device. Anything between 0.5 seconds and 3 seconds is feasible. That really depends on your enviroment.

How do you process interlaced signals ?
miniCASTER® has a de-interlacer on board.

How long lasts the battery ?
That depends on the workload you ask the miniCASTER® for to do – we saw operating times between 35 and 60 minutes.

How can I extend the operating time?
miniCASTER® comes with an 6-24 Volt power plug – you can use the AC adaptor (part of the box),  the external power conncection of your camera or an additional battery pack by a 3rd party battery provider.



Can I use my 3G/4G stick ?
Actually we cannot support every stick on the market, but there are some we are supporting right now. We recommend a mobile 3G router.

What is the speed of the 3G link?
That depends on your provider. You will use your own SIM card in a datacard – Ask for a high upload speed (1,5 Mbit/s for SD, 3-6 Mbit/s for HD) We recommend an external 3G router.

What is the maximum resolution?
Full HD – 1080p – 30frames

What inputs has the analog version?
Video: Composite, S-Video; Audio – 2 ch RCA, (HDMI cooming soon)

What inputs has the digital version?
Video: SD-HD-, SDI (embedded audio) or HDMI®; Audio – 2 ch analog audio

What is the recommended range of bandwith?
300 kbit/s – 8 Mbit/s (6 Mbit/s is tested and runs stable) on a LAN connection – up to 5 Mbit/s on a Wi-Fi connection 

Can I send a signal point to point, like SDI in, sending over IP and then SDI out?
Yes, you can decode with 3rd party hardware products – or via PC with a video out card and a VLC player

Where does the miniCASTER® send the stream to and how do my users get it?
miniCASTER® streams to another device (one to one) or to a server/CDN (es:, where the stream is multiplied in order to be watched by n+1 people.

Which video servers work with miniCASTER®  ?
Adobe Media server and Wowza Media Server

Which Delivery modes does miniCASTER® support?
When it comes to Delivery, miniCASTER® is pretty much open. Since you can choose between the RTP and RTMP protocols, it is quite easy to address common CDNs or LIVE platforms. RTP should be ingested to a Wowza Media Server, RTMP should be ingested to a Adobe Flash Media Server or also a Wowza Media Server. Choose between RTP, RTMP or TS as Delivery mode.

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