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Configuring a SHOUTcast encoder
08/10/2012 alle ore 19.14.00

In order to configure a SHOUTcast encoder, you need to know the following information which can be found in the Details tab of Streaming Services section in your StreamPanel on

  • Bitrate: the speed of data per second agreed for the service. 
  • Host: the address of the server that hosts the streaming service. 
  • Port: The TCP port of the server dedicated to the streaming service. 
  • Password: The password associated with the streaming service. 

Encoder configuration

Write down Host, Port, Password and Bitrate. Configure your SHOUTcast encoder using these details. The audio encoding format can be MP3 or AAC. If you use CasterX, the guide for the configuration of a SHOUTcast encoder is available here.

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